Our areas of expertise

Expert and Experienced Staff who has worked under the command of Turkish Engineering Industry since 1987 has been serving in our company since 2003.

Strategy Development and Solutions

As Turkish Consultant, we have expert staff who produce fast strategic solutions in order to meet the demands and expectations of our business partners.

We offer well thought-out, planned, sustainable solutions for our business partners to develop and consolidate their strategic plans

Marketing Strategy Development

Our most important goal and target in Marketing Consultancy is to make our business partners having no doubt to develop marketing strategies, to support them with expert marketing techniques and to support their successful marketing strategies and sales.

Export Strategy Development

Our highly experienced and expert team in exportation guides strategies in developing sales network of our partners, applying business development techniques according to the legislations of the countries at the entrance to different country markets and obtaining necessary government support both locally and abroad.

Production Strategy Development

Our Energy, Construction, Agriculture and other specialist teams are together with our business partners at every stage of production and  before production.

Stakeholder Relations Management

Strong and sustainable partnerships that our business partners are trying to build with their stakeholders are reinforced by our expert teams within Turk Consultant.
Help stakeholders be identified and analyzed to establish reliable and ethical relationships with key stakeholders in all areas for many years to come.

Crisis management

One of the most important goals of Turk Consultant is to help business partners protect their profitability, assets and reputation in difficult times.
It is our job to catch up with the crisis at the beginning, to resolve it without growth, to guide decisions that our partners will take, to make them move quickly, to provide them with guidance and to solve the problems with strategic solution proposals

Follow-up of policies, legislation and regulations

Turk Consultant follows and analyzes developments and changes in public and bureaucracy with its expertise in this field. Our goal is to simplify these seemingly complex and complicated processes so that our business partners can deliver clear, solved final results.

Asset Management

Organizations around the world are constantly facing challenges as demand increases, regulatory requirements and worsening infrastructure budgets increase due to the business of our partners or the market structure of the market.

Therefore, a strategic asset management plan must be made. Process management is not a one-time event but a continuing work discipline and culture. Turk Consultant provides a structured approach that not only handles physical asset infrastructures but also provides technology to support people, business processes, organizations and deliver sustainable performance improvements. The ultimate goal of strategic asset management; o achieve service level objectives within defined risk and cost constraints.

Market Entry, Product Market Seeking, Representation and Strategy

Turk Consultant provides the necessary support to the firm which wants to enter a different market in Turkey from other countries to the Turkish market, from Turkey to foreign market or from Turkey. We offer a wide range of on-site comprehensive services and partnerships ranging from procurement and distribution, know-how transfer and representation to business partners seeking to enter new markets.

Public Relations

We manage changing legislation and practices with our highly experienced core cadres in our country and our specialized offices and representatives in foreign countries and adapt commercial enterprises to these legislation without complicating public bureaucracy relations when necessary. We follow the core expert team with you to ensure that you get the correct action right at the right time through formal and ethical means, without going beyond legal, real and right, and we make you come out ahead of the competition.